• Rolf Milser (Germany)

    Snatch Technique – The Key Concepts

    Three Basic Components In the early stages of learning the Snatch, beginners are often overwhelmed by the complexity of the skill and, as a result, struggle to develop a training […]

  • Teaching Weightlifting Skill: 10 Objectives

    In the view of the author, the following 10 objectives are critically important in teaching weightlifting skill to beginners. The initial learning of the beginner in their first 10-20 training […]

  • Qualitative Analysis of the Snatch

    The link below will provide you with a checklist that can be used to qualitatively evaluate an athlete’s technical ability in the snatch. The checklist provides an indication of how to […]

  • Understanding the Pull Trajectory

    For those of us who have been around in the sport of weightlifting for 40 years or more, it is incredible to consider that digital video only arrived in the […]

  • The Jerk Balance

    Purpose of the Jerk Balance The Jerk Balance is a useful exercise that assists the athlete to master the receiving position for the Jerk. However, it is recommended that the […]

  • Learning the Technique of the Jerk – Key Objectives

    Take a long term approach It is important to take a long-term approach, from the very first moment that training begins, toward achieving positional correctness, speed of movement and total confidence in the Jerk. Coaches […]

  • The Dip Phase of the Jerk

    Not all aspects of the Dip and Drive are well understood. Easy to understand, but not easily achieved, is the need to elevate the bar in one direction only – vertically upwards. This directional […]

  • Feature Image - The technique of the Jerk Dip and Drive

    Key Issues in the Jerk

    The Jerk is a highly complex movement that many athletes in Weightlifting find harder to master than the Snatch. In the Jerk, athletes must overcome several key issues if they […]

  • Learning the Jerk

    It is important to take a long-term approach, from the very first moment that training begins, toward achieving total confidence and positional correctness in Jerk technique. Coaches should understand that the skill learning […]

  • Olympic Weightlifting Technique

    The technique section currently provides the following resources: The Snatch Snatch – The Basic Concepts Understanding the Pull Trajectory Qualitative Analysis of the Snatch The Jerk Key Issues in the […]