Press in Split Position

The Press in Split Position is an easy and suitable place for beginners to start learning the Jerk receiving position. This exercise must be practised not simply as a Press activity but to develop awareness of pelvic alignment and exactness of the whole body position.

Key Coaching Points

  • Start in a split squat position with rear knee on a mat. The lateral width of foot placement should be approximately hip width.
  • The front shin should be vertical and toes of back foot on the ground (as seen in video).
  • The rear femur should be close to vertical.
  • Both feet should pointing straight (particularly observe back foot straightness).
  • The glutes and hamstrings of the rear leg should be tensed to push hips forwards.
  • The bar, shoulders and hips should be in vertical alignment when the bar is overhead. Observe carefully whether the hips are under the bar.
  • The athlete should make an effort to raise the bar as high above the head as possible to perfect the lockout.

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