The Beginner Olympic Weightlifting Program

The Beginner Olympic Weightlifting Program is a comprehensive 48 session learning plan consisting of two books of 70 pages each and an online video course.

A picture of the covers of the two books in the Beginner Olympic Weightlifting Program series

Both Book 1 and Book 2 provide 24 illustrated training sessions with detailed instructions, coaching advice and explanations of key Weightlifting concepts. The books map out a step-by-step learning process that starts with simple but fundamental skill drills and exercises and builds movement fluency, competency and confidence at a pace suitable for most learners of any age and ability.

The online course provides 39 lessons, each of which has a video narrated by Lionel Isaac, an overview of the purpose of each exercise and a detailed list of coaching points.

Here is a sample video:

Start your journey in Olympic Weightlifting with a unique and comprehensive training program that is carefully crafted by a coach of 40 years experience.

Benefits of the Beginner Olympic Weightlifting Program

  • Sessions individually numbered
  • Peace of mind in the learning process
  • Guidelines on safety and gym etiquette
  • Explanation of Olympic Weightlifting Concepts
  • Illustrations of every exercise
  • Technique objectives for every exercise
  • Guidelines on developing flexibility
  • Explanation of training prescription
  • Narrated videos of exercises and skill drills
  • Written by leading Weightlifting coach
  • Connect with program author
  • Satisfaction guaranteed

For Athletes

The beginner athlete is someone who is in the first 100 hours of learning Olympic Weightlifting. Any prior experience in weight-training that is not specifically focused on Olympic Weightlifting cannot be counted in this regard. The beginner will have a fundamental lack of knowledge of Weightlifting technique and training methodology. They require explicit instruction on how to perform exercises and must be focused completely on the acquisition of skill and how to train safely.

The series “The Beginner Olympic Weightlifting Program” is the right way to get started. You will enjoy the learning process which enables you to build your skill step-by-step from a simple level. Sessions are individually numbered.

Start your journey in Olympic Weightlifting with a unique training program carefully crafted by a coach of 40 years experience . You will find no better training program for beginners. Each book is a comprehensive learning plan of 70 pages that comprises 24 training sessions, detailed instructions, illustrations and coaching advice.

As a purchaser of this program, you will have access to the author for further guidance.

For Coaches

If you are a coach, The Beginner Olympic Weightlifting Program will boost your ability to provide a professional service to beginners. The learning plan takes account of key principles of skill acquisition and provides an easy-to-follow process that will suit most beginners.

Special Book Deal

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