Beginner Olympic Weightlifting Training Programs

Start your journey in Olympic Weightlifting with a unique training program carefully crafted by a coach of 40 years experience . You will find no better training program for beginners. Each book is a comprehensive learning plan of 60 pages that comprises 24 training sessions, detailed instructions, illustrations and coaching advice.

As a purchaser of this program, you will have access to the author for further guidance.

About the Beginner Olympic Weightlifting Program

If you are a coach, this resource will boost your ability to provide a professional service to beginners. The learning plan takes account of key principles of skill acquisition and provides an easy-to-follow process that will suit most beginners.

Video Resources

Purchasers of the Beginner Olympic Weightlifting Program will be able to access explanatory videos of exercises and skill drills contained within the program. Videos have a voice-over that explains the key aspects of each exercise.

Instructions for accessing the video series will be sent by email at the time of purchase.