Olympic Weightlifting Programs

Reliable, well-written and professionally produced Olympic Weightlifting programs are now available on this website. Training programs will suit athletes with experience levels from novice to advanced, and who train 3, 4 or 5 days per week. Programs are designed to prepare athletes for competition in Weightlifting in a designated number of weeks. Simply count the weeks to your next competition and then select the program that matches. All programs finalise in a taper period to optimise the physical conditioning of the athlete.

The author (Leo Isaac) is well acquainted with training theory in Olympic Weightlifting having been a devotee of the sport for 42 years as an athlete, coach, director of coaching and lead coach educator in Australia.

Leo Isaac providing a talk to fellow coaches at a Level 3 coaching course.

A special feature of programming method used by Leo Isaac is “Volume Guide” which assists the program user to gauge the amount of work done on each exercise. The guide provides advice on the number warm-up sets, sets at the designated intensity level and in some cases, the number of sets above the designated intensity level.

Leo’s ethos is that the athlete’s quality of movement is the key to success in training, and there are any factors that contribute to quality. A good Olympic Weightlifting program is not simply about strength and it is entirely necessary to create training programs that develop movement fluency, stability, speed, balance and confidence.

Programs not only provide detailed information on the training of the Olympic lifts and all associated assistance exercises but also include charts for flexibility exercises and core strength exercises.

You will not find a better deal for Olympic Weightlifting programs anywhere on the Internet in terms of the number and variety of training programs that you can buy for very small dollars.

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