Skill Development

The methodology for learning the technique of Olympic Weightlifting

  • Book Release

    Coaching Weightlifting Illustrated

    A book that is focused on on the process for learning Olympic Weightlifting, particularly the first crucial 3-6 months of skill development

  • Training the Jerk

    The reality of the maximal Clean and Jerk Imagine the situation of the elite Weightlifter attempting a maximal Clean and Jerk. The barbell weight might be as much as 80%…

  • Gestalt and Temporal Spatial Approaches to Movement Analysis

    It is extraordinary that experienced coaches can often identify, with only the naked eye, faults and inefficiencies in the movement of their athletes that occur in the briefest of moments.…

  • The rest interval between sets

    The time interval between sets in Weightlifting training and what happens during that interval is a source of great interest to me personally and perhaps to others as well. Initially, my…