Online Olympic Weightlifting Coach

Do you need a highly experienced online Olympic Weightlifting coach, someone who knows what it takes to be successful? These days there are gyms everywhere, and more and more people are taking up Olympic Weightlifting. However, the trouble for many athletes is finding a coach who can provide quality advice, help you get the best out of your training and avoid the mistakes that so many make. To progress towards high performance levels, an athlete must engage in training that develops very specific skills and abilities. This includes mental skills as well as physical abilities. You will need regular advice and guidance on how to:

  • Implement and modify your training program,
  • Fine tune your Weightlifting technique,
  • Manage injury risks,
  • Maintain health and well-being,
  • Monitor and manage body-weight,
  • Keep a training diary,
  • Prepare for competitions, and
  • Develop competition strategy.

Of course, it is ideal if you have a coach at your gym or in your neighbourhood who can provide such advice. If not, then an online Olympic Weightlifting coach with appropriate experience may be what you need.

Leo Isaac with Kaitlyn Fassina, silver medallist, at the closing ceremony of the 2018 Commowealth Games, Australia.
Leo Isaac with Kaitlyn Fassina, silver medallist, at the closing ceremony of the 2018 Commowealth Games, Australia.

Online Coaching Services

For a limited number of people, the online coaching service Leo Isaac will provide includes:

  • One hour video per fortnight meeting via Skype, Facetime or similar communication platform of your choosing . This video meeting can be used by either party to ask questions and to discuss training, competition planning and athlete health issues. Make an appointment.
  • One video for technical analysis per week (that’s 50 a year). Try to get video that is greater than 30 frames per second. Your video will be processed into a sequence of photos for analysis and written feedback will be provided
  • A performance improvement plan consisting of technique improvement goals, training process goals, competition strategy, recommended skill drills and personal strength development exercises and advice on for self-monitoring of training and body weight.
  • Online coaching clients will also have the opportunity to come to Tasmania to spend some time with Leo but, in additional to travel costs, there will also be accommodation and gym usage fees

In 2021, this service is provided at AUD $65 per month and will be suitable for athletes wishing to pursue high performance goals in the sport of Olympic Weightlifting. Please apply to Leo Isaac, email: before committing to payment. Not all applicants will be accepted as the number of clients must be limited to sure a high quality service.

Online Olympic Weightlifting coaching service AUD $65 per month. Cancel at any time.

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