• Man with chalk on hands bending over a bar

    My Philosophy

    “Exploring the outer edges of our capability is to live; not to is to let life pass by. To know one’s limits is to know oneself. What is small in […]

  • Kastritsi Clean and Jerk

    I want you to be a great athlete

    By Leo Isaac People often imagine that the life of any great athlete must be a joy to live but the truth is probably, that it is not. Sure, there […]

  • Dealing with anxiety in Weightlifting

    For the athlete in Weightlifting, the final 2 weeks before a major competition is a difficult period in which athletes often have a tendency to conjure up all manner of […]

  • Mental skills in Weightlifting

    It’s 4:00am, the day after an important local event and my mind is too active to sleep. I arrived home yesterday after a 14 hour day of coaching and organising […]

  • Continuous Improvement in the Training of the Athlete

    The task for the athlete and the coach is to work together to continually improve the training process of the athlete over many years. It is highly probable that when […]

  • The causes of burnout in athletes

    I have formed a view, as a result of a lengthy career in Olympic Weightlifting, that the most difficult tasks of the coach are neither the instruction of Weightlifting technique,  […]

  • A coach’s plea

    To my athletes, I would like to take a moment of your time to explain how I might see things differently about training, your training. Last night was a designated ‘heavy’ session. I know […]

  • The hardest step

    The journey of the athlete in Weightlifting from beginner to the qualifying standard for the national senior championship takes perhaps 3 years of goal driven, well organised, and consistent training. For […]

  • The Inner Journey

    These days Weightlifting is fortunate to be well promoted via the Internet. There is an endless stream of videos and photos of people, of all levels, enjoying a moment of […]

  • A comparison of different training scenarios on rate of improvement

    [MM_Access_Decision access=’false’] The purpose of this article is to illustrate how differences in the athlete’s commitment to training will effect their ultimate performance capability in the years ahead. In this […]