• Beginner Olympic Weightlifting Training Programs

    The information on this page assumes that you are looking for beginner Olympic Weightlifting training programs or that you are looking for advice on how to construct a beginner program. […]

  • Weightlifting Training Programs

    Olympic Weightlifting Programs

    Reliable, well-written and professionally produced Olympic Weightlifting programs are now available on this website (see links at bottom of page). Training programs will suit athletes with experience levels from novice to advanced, […]

  • Heavy barbell lifted 260Kg in clean and jerk

    Advanced Olympic Weightlifting Programs

    4092 Level 4, 5 Days per Week, 9 Weeks, Tapering $10   4112 Level 4, 5 Days per Week, 11 Weeks, Tapering $10   4122 Level 4, 5 Days per […]

  • Joachim Kunz

    Intermediate Weightlifting Programs

    Intermediate weightlifting programs are suited to athletes training 3-4 days per week, who have progressed beyond the beginner stage of technique development and have developed an understanding of the weightlifting […]

  • Writing Weightlifting Programs – 5 Principles to Improve Results

    Experienced Weightlifting coaches know the value of writing training programs for athletes. Yes, there are many limitations with a written program but if you want success as a coach, it […]

  • Developing leg strength for Weightlifting

    Following a predetermined “squat program” for a number of weeks has always been a popular methodology for developing leg strength and over the decades there have been numerous examples promoted as […]