• Rehabilitation and Recovery of Weightlifting Injuries

    This article attempts to address one of the most serious errors that athletes frequently make in their training –  a failure in regard to rehabilitation and recovery of Weightlifting injuries that result from overloading. Overloading is […]

  • Movement Analysis

    The following articles on movement analysis are provided for members and subscribers: Gestalt and Temporal Spatial Approaches to Movement Analysis Qualitative Analysis of the Snatch  

  • Weight Loss and Making Weight in Weightlifting

    It is inevitable in any sport such as Weightlifting that separates competitors into bodyweight categories that the participant will be faced with the proposition of manipulating their normal bodyweight up […]

  • Energy expenditure and energy efficiency

    Daily Energy Expenditure The daily energy expenditure of an individual has 3 components: The energy required to maintain the body at rest: referred to as resting metabolic rate or RMR. […]

  • Concurrent Strength and Endurance Training

    Is it possible to adapt simultaneously to strength training and endurance training? Considerable research has been undertaken in an attempt to answer this question. While there is a preponderance of […]

  • Affect of Weightlifting on the Cardiovascular System

    At moments when the Weightlifter applies maximal force, the internal pressure in working muscles is sufficiently great to interrupt blood flow. How does this affect the cardiovascular system, particularly the […]

  • Proprioception in Weightlifting

    Proprioception is a sense in just the same way as vision, hearing, touch, taste and smell. It relies on sensory organs called proprioceptors located within muscles, tendons and joints that […]

  • Muscle Coactivation and Strength

    This article provides some theory about the concept of muscle coactivation and strength. The importance of this theory is that it helps to explain why Weightlifters must engage in training […]

  • Muscle Anabolism

    As a consequence of normal physical activity, it is estimated that 1-2% of skeletal muscle tissue is synthesised and broken down on a daily basis (Rasmussen & Phillips, 2003). This […]

  • Muscle Fibre Types

    The nature versus nurture argument is prevalent in sport. In Weightlifting, elite athletes are often considered to have a genetic predisposition for speed and strength. However there is no conclusive […]