Training Methodology

  • Quality of work: A key factor for success in Olympic Weightlifting

    Towards a definition of quality Training programs typically specify the exercises to be performed, the quantity of work and the intensity to be reached but rarely describe the quality of…

  • Training frequency for Olympic Weightlifting

    New clients for online coaching in Olympic Weightlifting often ask how often they should train per week and state that it is their normal practice to train 5-6 days per…

  • Training guidelines for athletes in Olympic Weightlifting

    Guidelines on how to train sensibly and consistently to achieve long-term performance objectives.

  • Intensity in Olympic Weightlifting: How to prescribe

    In Olympic Weightlifting, the term “Intensity” is a parameter of training that describes the relative heaviness of the barbell. In training programs or workout plans, intensity is very often specified…

  • Nicu Vlad 1985 World Championships training hall.

    Training Twice a Day in Olympic Weightlifting

    Athletes in Weightlifting at the elite level have engaged in 2 sessions of training per day since the 1970s and perhaps earlier. Most famously, it was the Bulgarian weightlifting coach,…

  • Book Release

    Coaching Weightlifting Illustrated

    A book that is focused on on the process for learning Olympic Weightlifting, particularly the first crucial 3-6 months of skill development

  • Strength training is an important aspect of training in Olympic Weightlifting but it must be teh right type of strength training

    Does the Olympic Weightlifter benefit from a Strength Program?

    I was asked the question recently whether a Weightlifter who had developed reasonable technique would benefit by taking time out from normal Weightlifting training to pursue a training program that…

  • Picture of a garage gym

    Weightlifting Training in Isolation

    Training Program For those of you who have organised equipment and space so that you can training at home in isolation during this COVID-19 disaster, here is a training program…

  • Stretching with Bruce Rawson

    Self-Care for Better Training in Weightlifting

    It is the eternal problem in training for high-performance Weightlifting that, despite the athlete’s motivation to push forward for improved performance, they are held back by frustrating injuries. It may…

  • A study of concentration

    I need to know your mind

    As your coach, it is always my wish that I can help you to take steps forward to improve your athletic performance in the competition arena. I feel reasonably certain…

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