• Coaching Behaviour in Olympic Weightlifting

    If you are close enough to the action in an Olympic Weightlifting competition, you will see significant differences in the way that coaches communicate with their athletes in the last…

  • The case for the mentoring coach

    The Mentoring Coach

    Mentoring is the best option for coaches lacking adequate experience to deal with rising star athletes. This article outlines the case.

  • Stages of Development Thumbnail

    Stages of athlete development in Olympic Weightlifting

    Every athlete will inevitably reach a point in their sporting career where they reassess their potential and the benefit of their commitment to training.

  • Book Release

    Coaching Weightlifting Illustrated

    A book that is focused on on the process for learning Olympic Weightlifting, particularly the first crucial 3-6 months of skill development

  • Training Diary Image

    Weightlifting Training Diary

    Today, I informed an athlete that it was time to start keeping a training diary and was met with a request to provide a “sales pitch”. It’s a perfectly fair…

  • Wellness and the Safety Line

    The wellness of athletes is a coaching priority. If an athlete’s training regime causes an injury or breakdown in physical or mental health, then performance falls and the purpose of…

  • Online Olympic Weightlifting Coach

    How does it work? Coaching Credentials Difficulty Finding a Coach? These days there are gyms everywhere, and more and more people are taking up Olympic Weightlifting. However, the trouble for…

  • Hands on coaching the Jerk

    Competencies in Coaching Olympic Weightlifting

    Coaching is a very complex role and it takes months of practise to develop a basic level of competency and then many more years to acquire expertise. It is really…

  • Stretching with Bruce Rawson

    Self-Care for Better Training in Weightlifting

    It is the eternal problem in training for high-performance Weightlifting that, despite the athlete’s motivation to push forward for improved performance, they are held back by frustrating injuries. It may…

  • A study of concentration

    I need to know your mind

    As your coach, it is always my wish that I can help you to take steps forward to improve your athletic performance in the competition arena. I feel reasonably certain…

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