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Check out the book contents and see some sample pages below. This book will provide practical help to improve your coaching at all levels of the sport.

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Number of page 406, words 176,663, with accurately drawn illustrations.

Coaching Weightlifting Illustrated is a book that focuses on the process for learning Olympic Weightlifting particularly the first 3-6 months which are crucial for skill development. The idea for the book was borne out of three decades of involvement in coach education and the reported experiences of so many people as they step out into the real world of coaching. Whether the newly accredited coach has a prior history as a competitive Weightlifter or not, teaching beginner athletes is a daunting challenge. It takes time for the new coach to acquire the tools of the trade and to practise and improve their coaching skills. This book fills this gap in Weightlifting literature.

For all coaches and athletes, the book delves deeply into the science of Weightlifting technique. It will instruct the reader on how to create training sessions and develop a process for skill learning. In coaching, knowledge is power and this book will shed new light on what it means to be a Weightlifting coach and the professional development process.

This book has been 42 months in the making and contains an extensive amount of research. It provides accurately drawn illustrations instead of photographs, as this improves the reader’s identification of key elements of skill. Illustrations cut away the background clutter and can be, in many instances, manipulated to show correct and incorrect positions.

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