Novice Olympic Weightlifting Programs

List of benefits of novice Olympic Weightlifting programs.

The Novice Olympic Weightlifter

The novice athlete is someone who has already completed 50 or more hours of training and is likely to have 6-12 months experience of Olympic Weightlifting. Experience of other forms of weight-training which is not specific to Olympic Weightlifting cannot be counted.

A novice athlete is able to demonstrate the Olympic lifts (Snatch, Clean & Jerk) but their performance of the skills is not yet fluent and there is a high degree of variance in their performance. Their knowledge of training exercises and training practises is growing but still a long way from anything resembling competence. Novice athletes require considerable support to ensure they train in a manner that is conducive to skill development and the building of confidence.

Your training commitment

The programs for novices on this site assume an athlete will train twice a week. The duration of sessions will be approximately 80 minutes but this depends on the level of productivity achieved. This is a suitable level of training for this level of experience. Rather than wanting a 3-days-per-week program, the novice athlete should ensure they consistently achieve two sessions per week. This will bring rapid learning and allow the athlete to adapt to the training.

Here is a sample of how exercises are described in the program. You will see that there is coaching advice provided for every exercise. In the left column, guidance on the training intensity, and reps and sets is given using codes. There are charts on how to use this information. For example, the number in the black circle is Perceived Exertion Rating (PER) and this explained in the program but you can also follow the link below to read about it.

sample training session

Video Resources

Purchasers of the novice Olympic Weightlifting programs will be able to access explanatory videos of exercises and skill drills contained within the program. Videos have a voice-over that explains the key aspects of each exercise.

Instructions for accessing the video series will be sent by email at the time of purchase.

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