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  • Final moments of the pull illustrated.

    The moment of the “pull finish” in the Snatch?

    The final moments of the pull in the Snatch are brief, so brief that it is exceptionally difficult for both the athlete and the coach to interpret what actually happens. […]

  • Key Issues of Jerk Technique

    This article focuses on Jerk technique, the second part of the competition movement known as the Clean and Jerk. In particular, the article discusses the conventional technique of the ‘Split Jerk’ which is employed […]

  • The Dip Phase of the JErk

    The Dip Phase of the Jerk

    Elevation of the Bar For a successful lift, the Dip and Drive phase of the Jerk must elevate the bar sufficiently to give the athlete time and space to drop […]

  • Foot lift in the Jerk

    Foot lift in Jerk technique

    Comparison of high and low foot lift in the Jerk The degree of foot lift in the Jerk is an intrinsically important factor in the time taken for the athlete […]

  • Rolf Milser (Germany)

    Snatch Technique – The Key Concepts

    Three Basic Components In the early stages of learning the Snatch, beginners are often overwhelmed by the complexity of the skill and, as a result, struggle to develop a training […]

  • Picture of a garage gym

    Weightlifting Training in Isolation

    Training Program For those of you who have organised equipment and space so that you can training at home in isolation during this COVID-19 disaster, here is a training program […]

  • Man with chalk on hands bending over a bar

    My Philosophy

    “Exploring the outer edges of our capability is to live; not to is to let life pass by. To know one’s limits is to know oneself. What is small in […]

  • Levels of Athlete Commitment in Olympic Weightlifting

    Probably every athlete starts out with very little idea of what it takes to be successful in a sport and to a large extent it is the responsibility of coaches […]

  • Hands on coaching the Jerk

    Competencies in Coaching Olympic Weightlifting

    Coaching is a very complex role and it takes months of practise to develop a basic level of competency and then many more years to acquire expertise. It is really […]

  • Stretching with Bruce Rawson

    Self-Care for Better Training in Weightlifting

    It is the eternal problem in training for high-performance Weightlifting that, despite the athlete’s motivation to push forward for improved performance, they are held back by frustrating injuries. It may […]