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  • Rolf Milser (Germany)

    Snatch Technique – The Key Concepts

    Three Basic Components In the early stages of learning the Snatch, beginners are often overwhelmed by the complexity of the skill and, as a result, struggle to develop a training […]

  • Picture of a garage gym

    Weightlifting Training in Isolation

    Training Program For those of you who have organised equipment and space so that you can training at home in isolation during this COVID-19 disaster, here is a training program […]

  • Man with chalk on hands bending over a bar

    My Philosophy

    “Exploring the outer edges of our capability is to live; not to is to let life pass by. To know one’s limits is to know oneself. What is small in […]

  • Levels of Athlete Commitment in Olympic Weightlifting

    Probably every athlete starts out with very little idea of what it takes to be successful in a sport and to a large extent it is the responsibility of coaches […]

  • Hands on coaching the Jerk

    Competencies in Coaching Olympic Weightlifting

    Coaching is a very complex role and it takes months of practise to develop a basic level of competency and then many more years to acquire expertise. It is really […]

  • Stretching with Bruce Rawson

    Self-Care for Better Training in Weightlifting

    It is the eternal problem in training for high-performance Weightlifting that, despite the athlete’s motivation to push forward for improved performance, they are held back by frustrating injuries. It may […]

  • A study of concentration

    I need to know your mind

    As your coach, it is always my wish that I can help you to take steps forward to improve your athletic performance in the competition arena. I feel reasonably certain […]

  • Picture of a Weightlifter's Training Log

    Auto-regulation in Weightlifting Training

    Auto-regulation or self-regulation is an important but not widely understood concept in coaching. For those who might read this post, auto-regulation might be defined as the ability of the athlete […]

  • Pushing training intensity in Olympic Weightlifting

    In the context of Olympic Weightlifting, a well-designed training program will provide the athlete with guidance on how to structure training across the week and make suitable changes to this […]

  • Kastritsi Clean and Jerk

    I want you to be a great athlete

    By Leo Isaac People often imagine that the life of any great athlete must be a joy to live but the truth is probably, that it is not. Sure, there […]