• Cover of the book Coaching Weightlifting Illustrated

    Coaching Weightlifting Illustrated

    A book that is focused on on the process for learning Olympic Weightlifting, particularly the first crucial 3-6 months of skill development

  • Components of a High-Performance Sport System

    Developing a High-Performance Structure in Australian Weightlifting

    Discussion paper on high-performance Weightlifting in Australia written by Lionel (Leo) Isaac.

  • Nicu Vlad 1985 World Championships training hall.

    Training Twice a Day in Olympic Weightlifting

    Athletes in Weightlifting at the elite level have engaged in 2 sessions of training per day since the 1970s and perhaps earlier. Most famously, it was the Bulgarian weightlifting coach,…

  • Training Diary Image

    Weightlifting Training Diary

    Today, I informed an athlete that it was time to start keeping a training diary and was met with a request to provide a “sales pitch”. It’s a perfectly fair…

  • Wellness and the Safety Line

    The wellness of athletes is a coaching priority. If an athlete’s training regime causes an injury or breakdown in physical or mental health, then performance falls and the purpose of…

  • Scales for measuring bodyweight

    Making Weight in Olympic Weightlifting

    It is inevitable in any sport that separates competitors into bodyweight categories that the athlete will be faced with the proposition of manipulating their normal bodyweight up or down for…

  • Strength training is an important aspect of training in Olympic Weightlifting but it must be teh right type of strength training

    Does the Olympic Weightlifter benefit from a Strength Program?

    I was asked the question recently whether a Weightlifter who had developed reasonable technique would benefit by taking time out from normal Weightlifting training to pursue a training program that…

  • Final moments of the pull illustrated.

    The moment of the “pull finish” in the Snatch?

    The final moments of the pull in the Snatch are brief, so brief that it is exceptionally difficult for both the athlete and the coach to interpret what actually happens.…

  • Key Issues of Jerk Technique

    This article focuses on Jerk technique, the second part of the competition movement known as the Clean and Jerk. In particular, the article discusses the conventional technique of the ‘Split Jerk’ which is employed…

  • The Dip Phase of the JErk

    The Dip Phase of the Jerk

    Elevation of the Bar For a successful lift, the Dip and Drive phase of the Jerk must elevate the bar sufficiently to give the athlete time and space to drop…