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  • Snatch with No Pull is an excellent exercise for developing speed under the bar.

    Motor Learning Theory in Olympic Weightlifting

    Motor Program Theory and Dynamical Systems Theory - how do they apply in Olympic Weightlifting?

  • Training guidelines for athletes in Olympic Weightlifting

    Guidelines on how to train sensibly and consistently to achieve long-term performance objectives.

  • Weightlifter - start of transmission phase in pull.

    Concepts of the Pull in Olympic Weightlifting

    A video about key concepts of pull technique - pull phases, acceleration and force, issues of horizontal bar movement and key coaching cues.

  • Key elements of the business of Olympic Weightlifting.

    The Business of Olympic Lifting

    In the last 20 years, significant changes have occurred within the sport of Olympic Weightlifting in Australia. Without doubt, these changes have also occurred in most democratic nations of the…

  • The press in Split Position is a recommended first exercise for learning the Jerk receiving position.

    Press in Split Position

    The Press in Split Position is an easy and suitable place for beginners to start learning the Jerk receiving position.

  • Limitations of Australian Weightlifting

    Identifying factors that limit the potential of the Australian Weightlifting system to produce high performance athletes.

  • Important Decisions for Athletes

    Key advice on the decisions that need to be made to pursue high performance in Olympic Weightlifting.

  • Coaching Behaviour in Olympic Weightlifting

    If you are close enough to the action in an Olympic Weightlifting competition, you will see significant differences in the way that coaches communicate with their athletes in the last…

  • The case for the mentoring coach

    The Mentoring Coach

    Mentoring is the best option for coaches lacking adequate experience to deal with rising star athletes. This article outlines the case.

  • Backward chaining in teaching complex skills

    A key issue that coaches must consider in teaching complex skills is the order in which they will teach component parts. This is likely to have a considerable bearing on…

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