Intermediate Olympic Weightlifting Programs

Intermediate Olympic Weightlifting programs are suited to athletes training 3-4 days per week, who have progressed beyond the beginner stage of technique development and have developed an understanding of the weightlifting training process. Probable key objectives of the intermediate athlete will be to improve their technical skill level, develop mental skills for better platform competitiveness, and acquire the appropriate level of strength commensurate with the performance level needed to participate in regional and national competitions.

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Characteristics of Programs for the Intermediate

The Intermediate Olympic Weightlifting Training Programs available on this site balance the needs of the athlete for technique and strength development. Technique development is achieved through work on a variety of exercises that develop stable and strong receiving positions, and speed and confidence in movement under the bar. The range of exercises allows the athlete to focus on all aspects of the lifts by breaking full movements into component parts. The intermediate program also focuses on the development of strength by working within safe and effective ranges of intensity in various forms of pulls, squats and exercises that develop overhead strength and stability.

Guidance to the athlete is provided in three forms:

  1. A recommended intensity (heaviness of the bar) for each exercise of each session is provided by the program. Workouts follow a cyclical pattern of intensity allowing the athlete to recover between the highest intensity sessions.
  2. A guide to volume (number of sets and reps) that prescribes eight levels of volume. There are three volume levels that allow the athlete to go beyond the stated workout parameters if the athlete is feeling good and five volume levels which restrict the athlete only to the stated intensity and number of sets.
  3. Instructions on how to interpret the program, in particular how to work out percentages.