Training Methodology

  • The 21 Day Cycle for Training Programs

    Sport training programs are usually based on a 7-day microcycle. This is true in Weightlifting and it is probably true in most sports. It’s just part of the natural order of things that the weekly […]

  • Gold Standards in Weightlifting

    The purpose of “Gold Standards” is to help individuals to identify strengths and weaknesses and to target areas of performance for improvement. There are always differences between individuals due to […]

  • Training Methodology

    The Training Methodology section provides a number of links that are accessible only to subscribers. The following links are available to non-subscribers: Conversations with athletes The 21-day training cycle Exercises for improving […]

  • The rest interval between sets

    The time interval between sets in Weightlifting training and what happens during that interval is a source of great interest to me personally and perhaps to others as well. Initially, my […]

  • A comparison of different training scenarios on rate of improvement

    [MM_Access_Decision access=’false’] The purpose of this article is to illustrate how differences in the athlete’s commitment to training will effect their ultimate performance capability in the years ahead. In this […]

  • Do you train hard?

    It was my original attention to write a page on the principles and practise of how to undertake serious training for the sport of Olympic Weightlifting. I mean the sort […]

  • Developing leg strength for Weightlifting

    Following a predetermined “squat program” for a number of weeks has always been a popular methodology for developing leg strength and over the decades there have been numerous examples promoted as […]

  • Exercises for Improving the Snatch

    This article examines how to build a training program for improving the Snatch beyond the initial technique learning stage. Making continued progress requires an understanding that it is fundamentally necessary that an athlete […]

  • Training Intensity for Pulls

    “Pulls” is collective name for a range of exercises that, depending on experience and ability, enable the athlete to focus on strength development or technique improvement, or both. The range of exercises […]