Gold Standards in Weightlifting

The purpose of “Gold Standards” is to help individuals to identify strengths and weaknesses and to target areas of performance for improvement. There are always differences between individuals due to anthropometry (body dimensions), flexibility, technical ability and quirks of nature.

The following table will help to identify your strengths and weaknesses.

  1. Snatch
    1. Power Snatch is 88% of PR Snatch
    2. Overhead squat is 100% of PR Snatch
    3. Snatch Balance is 105% of PR Snatch
    4. Snatch from Knee is 95% of PR Snatch
  2. Clean & Jerk
    1. Front squat for 3 reps is 100% of PR Clean & Jerk
    2. PR Clean & Jerk is 80% of PR Back Squat
    3. Power Clean is 88% of PR Clean & Jerk
    4. PR Jerk from Racks = PR Clean
    5. Good Morning for 3 reps is 70% of PR Clean & Jerk

These “Gold Standards” have been developed as a result of observation of athletes over the years by the author. In general, these standards are arbitrary and need further development.

The author would be pleased to receive feedback from athletes as to how they compare with the above standards so that they can be improved.

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