• Teaching Weightlifting Skill: 10 Objectives

    In the view of the author, the following 10 objectives are critically important in teaching weightlifting skill to beginners. The initial learning of the beginner in their first 10-20 training […]

  • Coaching the youth beginner athlete

    Coaches must be aware that the initial learning period of the beginner in Weightlifting is profoundly important and will leave an indelible impression. In the case of coaching children and/or young adults, there […]

  • Determining platform attempts in a Weightlifting competition

    In the final days/weeks before a competition, athletes and coaches will generally discuss and make decisions about the athlete’s “competition plan”. This process can be quite simple or very elaborate depending on […]

  • A coach’s plea

    To my athletes, I would like to take a moment of your time to explain how I might see things differently about training, your training. Last night was a designated ‘heavy’ session. I know […]

  • Talent Identification In Weightlifting

    Nature versus Nurture in Weightlifting It is accepted theory in Weightlifting that genetics plays a substantial role in the ultimate performance of the individual (12, 33).  A typical belief is that Weightlifters […]

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    There are currently 61 in-depth articles current available on this website for coaches and athletes in the sport of Olympic Weightlifting. Article COACHING WEIGHTLIFTING Coaching competency in Weightlifting Self-care for […]

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    Experienced Weightlifting coaches know the value of writing training programs for athletes. Yes, there are many limitations with a written program but if you want success as a coach, it […]

  • The Weightlifting Bandwagon

    It seems to me, as a practitioner of 40 years, that there has never been a time in the history of Olympic Weightlifting when the sport was as popular as it […]

  • Training Principles

    It is no easy thing to make progress towards higher levels of ability as an athlete in the sport of Weightlifting. The level of commitment to training is uncomfortably high and […]

  • Olympic Weightlifting Coaching Services

    High performance Olympic Weightlifting coaching services Achieving high performance in the sport of Olympic Weightlifting requires not only a high level of motivation but also a number of important factors […]