Tag: Jerk Technique

  • Key Issues of Jerk Technique

    The Jerk is a movement that is unforgiving of any weakness in the position of the body under the bar in the receiving position.

  • The Dip Phase of the JErk

    The Dip Phase of the Jerk

    Elevation of the Bar For a successful lift, the Dip and Drive phase of the Jerk must elevate the bar sufficiently to give the athlete time and space to drop…

  • Foot lift in the Jerk

    Foot lift in Jerk technique

    Comparison of high and low foot lift in the Jerk The degree of foot lift in the Jerk is an intrinsically important factor in the time taken for the athlete…

  • Training the Jerk

    The reality of the maximal Clean and Jerk Imagine the situation of the elite Weightlifter attempting a maximal Clean and Jerk. The barbell weight might be as much as 80%…

  • Learning good Jerk technique

    Take a long term approach The Jerk is a highly complex movement and learning good technique requires a long-term approach from the first moment that training begins. Good jerk technique is not only…

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