Program 2085, Olympic Weightlifting Program


Olympic Weightlifting Training Program, 3 Days per Week, 8 Weeks, designed for skill development.


This 8-week training program, provided as a printable 15-page PDF, is specifically designed as a skills development program for Olympic Weightlifting. It will suit athletes who have completed a basic introduction to the Olympic lifts but need to work further on technique development. The user of the program can opt to compete at the end of week 8 as the last week is a traditional taper to prepare for competition.

The intensity of training is reduced to allow for a greater focus on technique work. The program provides an interesting variety of skill drills and exercises, each of which has coaching advice on how to perform.

You will have access to the FREE online course ‘Exercises and Skill Drills’ that provides video and textual explanations of key coaching points. Go to TRAININGWEIGHTLIFTING.COM/SHOP

The method of programming involves the use of percentages to suggest recommended intensity limits and a volume guide that describes the recommended pattern of sets and reps for each exercise.

The style of programming is effective and has been implemented with a great many athletes. You will find the instructions given is a distinguishing feature of this skills development program.

If you need further assistance, you can email: and/or buy the book “Coaching Weightlifting Illustrated” written by Lionel Isaac, who is the author of training programs on this site. See biography of Lionel (Leo) Isaac.

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