Program 2066, Olympic Weightlifting Program


Olympic Weightlifting Training Program, 3 Days per Week, 6 Weeks, designed for athletes recovering from illness, injury or stoppage.


This 6-week LOW START Olympic Weightlifting training program, provided as an 8-page printable PDF, is specifically designed for athletes recovering from illness, injury or other interruptions to training. It will suit athletes who have completed a basic introduction to the Olympic lifts and have acquired familiarity with the general format and structure of Weightlifting training.

The intensity of training is significantly reduced especially in the first 3 weeks of the program.

The intention of the program is NOT to prepare an athlete for competition but to bring the athlete back to a normal level of fitness.

The method of programming involves the use of percentages to suggest recommended intensity limits and a volume guide that describes the recommended pattern of sets and reps for each exercise.

You will have access to a FREE online course on “Exercises and Skills Drills” via this site TRAININGWEIGHTLIFTING.COM

If you need further assistance, you can email: and/or buy the book “Coaching Weightlifting Illustrated” written by Lionel Isaac, who is the author of training programs on this site. See biography of Lionel (Leo) Isaac.

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