Program 1104, Olympic Weightlifting Program


Olympic Weightlifting Training Program, 2 Days per Week, 10 Weeks, for athletes with reduced range of movement.


This 10-week, 2 days per week Olympic Weightlifting training program is designed for athletes with a reduced range of motion in the squat.  It will suit masters who train and compete on the Olympic lifts but who do not achieve full depth receiving positions.

This is a Level 1 program with training parameters set for athletes who have successfully completed their first 6 months of introduction to Olympic Weightlifting and choose to train twice per week. The program uses percentages to prescribe training intensity based on the athlete’s best Snatch and Clean & Jerk.

The document is 27 pages in printable PDF format.

The features of this program are:

  • Instructions on how to implement the program.
  • Exercises are illustrated for ease of recognition.
  • Training intensity is prescribed through the use of percentages.
  • Training volume is prescribed by the use of codes a chart to explain the coding system is provided.
  • Coaching guidance is given for every exercise including the primary objective of the exercise and a list of coaching tips.
  • A chart of flexibility exercises
  • A chart of abdominal exercises
  • Access to a free online course that provides narrated videos and textual information for the majority of exercises and skill drills in the program. See “Courses” on the website menu.

If you need further assistance, the email of the author is contained within the program. You can also buy the book “Coaching Weightlifting Illustrated” written by Lionel Isaac, who is the author of training programs on this site. See biography of Lionel (Leo) Isaac.

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