Program 1065, Olympic Weightlifting Program


Olympic Weightlifting Training Program, 2 Days per Week, 6 Weeks, for skill development.


This 6-week skills development program is designed for athletes emerging out of the beginner stage of learning the skills of Olympic Weightlifting and who are training twice per week. This program does not use percentages to describe training intensity (heaviness of the bar) as this would be unsuitable for novice athletes pursuing skill development. Instead, a Perceived Exertion Rating (PER) is used to describe the heaviness of the bar to ensure athletes stay within training intensities that are effective for skill learning.

The document is 11 pages in printable PDF format.

The features of this program are:

  • Instructions on how to implement the program.
  • Exercises are illustrated for ease of recognition.
  • Guidance on how to use Perceived Exertion Rating to ensure barbell weights are appropriate for skill development.
  • Guidance on the format of training (sets and reps).
  • Coaching tips on how to perform each exercise in the schedule.
  • A chart of flexibility exercises.
  • A chart of core strength exercises.
  • Access to a free online course that provides narrated videos and textual information for the majority of exercises and skill drills in the program. See Curses on the menu of this website.

If you need further assistance, you can email: and/or buy the book “Coaching Weightlifting Illustrated” written by Lionel Isaac, who is the author of training programs on this site. See biography of Lionel (Leo) Isaac.

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