Book 3 of the Beginner Olympic Weightlifting Program series: Sessions 49-72- eBook



eBook in PDF format, 47 pages. A comprehensive learning plan for beginners in Olympic Weightlifting. Book 3 covers sessions 49-72.

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The Beginner Training Program is a series of books that provide a comprehensive learning plan for acquiring the skills of the Olympic Weightlifter and building knowledge of training methodology. It is likely you will not find any learning plan that is more thoroughly prepared, more comprehensive in detail or easier to use. The learning plan will take you through your six months of training and focus your efforts on the key objectives of skill development, fluency of movement and personal safety.

Book 3 is the final book in the series although another may be added later. It provides the next 24 training sessions (sessions 49 – 72). It differs from Book 1 and 2 in two ways. Firstly, it uses the standard method of prescribing intensity by using percentages of personal bests where as the first two books used percentages of bodyweight. It is presumed that the beginner athlete will have established personal bests on the Olympic lifts by the time they start Book 3. It would be inappropriate for beginners to use personal bests as a measure of intensity before Book 3. Secondly, the training program in Book 3 (eBook versions) has links to narrated videos of the prescribed exercises.

Here is a sample video linked in the book:


As in Books 1 and 2, the athlete is also presented with further educative material about important concepts of technique and training methodology.

In addition, an online course has been constructed for the Beginner Olympic Weightlifting Program and is available to you at no charge. The online course provides video, auditory, illustrative and textual information for exercises and skill drills used within the Beginner Olympic Weightlifting Program.

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47 pages


24 sessions, separately numbered 49 – 72

Training Frequency

Any training frequency. Athlete picks up where they left off, as sessions are individually numbered.


Skill development


Beginner. Complete Books 1 aand 2 of this series before starting this Book 3.

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