Book 1 of the Beginner Olympic Weightlifting Program series: The first 24 sessions – eBook version



eBook in PDF format, 66 pages. A comprehensive learning plan for beginners in Olympic Weightlifting. Book 1 covers the first 24 sessions.


The Beginner Training Program is a comprehensive learning plan for taking the first steps in developing the skills of Olympic Weightlifting and building knowledge of training methodology. This is Book 1 (ebook version) and covers the first 24 training sessions. When you have completed this book, Book 2 is now available.

All books in the series will present an illustrated training program for each session accompanied by learning materials and coaching guidance on key techniques and training concepts to assist the beginner to better understand what Weightlifting is all about.

In addition, an online course has been constructed for the Beginner Olympic Weightlifting Program and is available for an additional AUS $50. The online course provides video, auditory, illustrative and textual information for exercise and skill drills used within the Beginner Olympic Weightlifting Program.

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Lionel Isaac




eBook – PDF format


68 Pages


210mm x 297mm (A4)

Number of Sessions

24 Sessions

Key Features

Every exercise illustrated and coaching objectives given

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