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  • The hardest step

    The journey of the athlete in Weightlifting from beginner to the qualifying standard for the national senior championship takes perhaps 3 years of goal driven, well organised, and consistent training. For […]

  • Talent Identification In Weightlifting

    Nature versus Nurture in Weightlifting It is accepted theory in Weightlifting that genetics plays a substantial role in the ultimate performance of the individual (12, 33).  A typical belief is that Weightlifters […]

  • Training Principles

    It is no easy thing to make progress towards higher levels of ability as an athlete in the sport of Weightlifting. The level of commitment to training is uncomfortably high and […]

  • A comparison of different training scenarios on rate of improvement

    [MM_Access_Decision access=’false’] The purpose of this article is to illustrate how differences in the athlete’s commitment to training will effect their ultimate performance capability in the years ahead. In this […]

  • Path to High Performance: Part 3

    The first article, Path to High Performance: Part 1, provided a discussion about Technical Mastery and the paramount need for good quality coaching to avoid developing persistent errors of technique. This second article, Path to High […]

  • Do you train hard?

    It was my original attention to write a page on the principles and practise of how to undertake serious training for the sport of Olympic Weightlifting. I mean the sort […]

  • Developing a new culture for weightlifting

    There are presently 188 nation members of the International Weightlifting Federation spread across the entire globe from the tiny populations of Pacific Islands to the might of China, reputed to […]

  • The Path to High Performance: Part 2

    In Path to High Performance: Part 1, the article identified four challenges that an athlete in the sport of Olympic Weightlifting will face. These challenges are: The pursuit of technical […]

  • The Path to High Performance: Part 1

    If any athlete starting out in the sport of Olympic Weightlifting should aspire to reach a high performance level, they will face a succession of challenges through which their destiny […]

  • 5 Decisions for High Performance in Sport

    Okay, so you love Weightlifting and you really want to be a part of a future Australian team to the Olympic or Commonwealth Games! If you have any chance of […]