Video Analysis of Technique


Send Leo Isaac a video of your Snatch or Clean and Jerk and receive an in-depth review of your technical performance. Send two videos and receive a 40% discount on the second.

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Send a video of yourself performing the Snatch or Clean and Jerk, or any training exercise and receive your video back after it has been edited to include an expert analysis and commentary of every aspect of your performance. The returned video will be approximately 8-10 minutes in duration and will provide an analysis of body positions and movement characteristics at all stages of the lift.

Your video will be reviewed by Leo Isaac who works as an online Weightlifting coach and reviews many thousands of videos per year in the normal course of his work.

This invaluable advice will enable you to focus your training where it will make the most impact and you will be given strategies to help you solve any technical issues that you may have. You will have the advantage of asking further questions and receiving additional resources that will assist you to understand points of technique and/or biomechanical principles. You will also receive a written summary of the  video analysis of your performance and recommendation for corrective exercises if needed.

Send two videos for analysis at the same time and receive a 40% discount on the second.

Instructions for sending videos will be given after purchase but a suggested method is to share via Google Drive.

Money back guarantee if you are not satisfied.

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