Standard Online Coaching Service

$80.00 every month for 6 installments

Package Includes: An expertly written training program, one 60-minute video meeting per fortnight, feedback on up to 8 videos per week, access to online course “Exercises and Skill Drills”, opportunity for live online coaching sessions.

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The Standard Online Coaching Service provides you with:

  • An expertly written training program to meet your planned weekly schedule.
  • One 60-minute video meeting per fortnight via Skype, Facetime or a similar communication platform of your choosing. This video meeting can be used for live coaching or to discuss training, competition planning and athlete related health issues.
  • An initial assessment of your technique in the Olympic lifts using videos that you supply. The videos are processed and returned to you with a critique of your technique from start to finish. You will find out what you do well and where there are opportunities for improvement.
  • Feedback on up to 8 videos per week that you send for analysis. The feedback will be in written form and often includes illustrations and access to visual materials. Feedback can be further discussed in the weekly video meeting.
  • Access to Leo’s online course “Exercises and Skill Drills” which provides video, illustrations and textual content to help athlete’s learn key coaching points and fundamental concepts of technique.
  • Opportunity to ask questions or seek clarification on any matter related to candidate’s personal training via email.

Special Book Deal

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Click the above picture for more information on the 406 page book "Coaching Weightlifting Illustrated", ISBN-13: 9780646850634