Program 3107, Olympic Weightlifting Program


Olympic Weightlifting Training Program, 3 Days per Week, 10 Weeks, Spreadsheet


This 10-week 4 days per week training program is written in spreadsheet format. Simply add your personal bests on the Snatch and Clean & Jerk to the program and you are good to go. The program is fully customisable. You can change exercises and training loading to suit your needs or stay with the recommended program. You can also dial-up or down the training intensity on each exercise to cater for individual strengths and weaknesses, or because you are fatigued or recovering from injury. One reason why some athletes prefer this type of program is because the spreadsheet provides a recommended weight for every set in each exercise, including all warm-up sets. Coaches like these programs as well because, in a room full of athletes, they do not have to provide each athlete with individual instructions on sets and reps.

There is one worksheet for every training week and you can choose whether your last week is a taper for a competition or simply to test yourself on the last session of the program. The workings of the program are not hidden from view and you will see the intricate way the program crafts your training for each session. You don’t have to be a whiz at spreadsheets but to make changes you will need Microsoft Excel or other spreadsheet software that can read a file in XLS  format.

The spreadsheet comes with instructions on how to interact with it. You also have access to the FREE ‘Exercises and Skill Drills’ online course. Go to TRAININGWEIGHTLIFTING.COM/SHOP

If help and advice is needed, the program provides the email address of the author. The program is designed by Leo Isaac, who has coached more than 500 athletes over 30 years with many national champions and international representatives for Australia.

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