Coaching Weightlifting Illustrated by Leo Isaac


A 406-page paperback textbook with over 600 accurate illustrations that provides expert guidance on teaching/learning Olympic Weightlifting. Price of $49.50 only available on this website for buyers in Australia. Distributed worldwide by Amazon if you live outside Australia..


Coaching Weightlifting Illustrated provides an expert guide for developing the skills of Olympic Weightlifting, identifying and solving the problems typically faced in the early stages of learning. The book illustrates and thoroughly explains the fundamental concepts on which Weightlifting technique is built and provides a remarkable insight into the skill development process. Although the book is primarily aimed at coaches, it is a valuable resource for any athlete wanting to improve their technical competence.

The book cuts through the dogma that abounds in Weightlifting and presents a unique opportunity to study the sport from the first principles of coaching, skill learning, biomechanics, movement analysis and error correction. It presents practical knowledge on how to organise training sessions, be effective as a coach and ensure the safety and well-being of athletes. It addresses issues commonly experienced by coaches dealing with new athletes including methods of instruction, communicating technique objectives, developing confidence and movement fluency, and dealing with predictable learner issues. A 24-session beginner learning plan is included and all exercises and skill drills are illustrated and thoroughly described in terms of teaching methodology and coaching objectives. Using this program, the author has successfully guided athletes from complete novice through to their first competition.

There are more than 600 illustrations in the book accurately and painstakingly drawn by hand using Adobe Illustrator software from photos and video frames of athletes and coaching situations. Key principles of coaching and science are also illustrated.

This book offers advice on the steps forward to being a better coach in Olympic Weightlifting and suggests professional development activities, formal and informal.

406 pages, over 600 illustrations, learning plan included.

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