Exercises and Skill Drills for Olympic Weightlifting


An online course for learners in Olympic Weightlifting. Learn the key coaching points of every exercise and the fundamentals of how to become highly skilled.

Course developed by Leo Isaac, leading coach educator and author of the publications “Coaching Weightlifting Illustrated” and the “Beginner Olympic Weightlifting Program”


An online course that provides video, auditory and textual explanations of key concepts, exercises, skill drills and training methodology in Olympic Weightlifting. The course presently contains 75 videos but is being expanded on a weekly basis. Finding the exercise and skill drills you need is easy, and you have expert coaching guidance at your fingertips.

This course is designed to accompany the Beginner Olympic Weightlifting Program series of books and ebooks. If you have purchased a training program from TRAININGWEIGHTLFTING.COM you will find example videos for most training exercises prescribed.

See example video:

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