List of Articles for Coaching Olympic Weightlifting

There are currently 61 in-depth articles current available on this website for coaches and athletes in the sport of Olympic Weightlifting.

Coaching competency in Weightlifting
Self-care for better training in Weightlifting
Auto-regulation in Weightlifting Training
I need to know your mind
A coach’s plea
Training principles
Coaching the youth beginner athlete
Determining platform attempts in a Weightlifting competition
Writing training programs
Teaching Weightlifting skill: 10 objectives
I want you to be a great athlete
The causes of burnout in athletes
Continuous Improvement in the training of the athlete
Fundamental change in Weightlifting
Talent identification
 5 decisions for high performance in sport
 The path to high performance (part 1)
 The path to high performance (part 2)
 The path to high performance (part 3)
The affects of Weightlifting on the cardiovascular system
Homeostasis and adaptation
Neural adaptation
Muscle fibre types
Muscle anabolism
Concurrent strength and endurance training
Muscle co-activation and strength
Proprioception in Weightlifting
Energy expenditure and energy efficiency
Weight loss and making weight
Mental skills in Weightlifting
Dealing with anxiety in Weightlifting
I want you to be a great athlete
The hardest step
The inner journey
The mindset of the Weightlifter
A proposal for a club development program
The moment of the “finish”in the Snatch Pull
Key issues of Jerk technique
Training the jerk
Snatch technique – key concepts explained
Learning the technique of the jerk – key objectives
Understanding the pull trajectory
Qualitative analysis of the snatch
The dip phase of the jerk
Foot lift in the Jerk
The jerk balance
The split squat
Rehabilitation and recovery of Weightlifting injuries
The meaning of push
 Conversations with athletes
 The 21-day training cycle
 Exercises for improving the snatch
 A comparison of different training scenarios on rate of improvement
 Developing leg strength for Weightlifting
 Gold standards in Weightlifting
 The rest interval between sets
 Training intensity for pulls
 Do you train hard?
Training Intensity Percentages as Used in Weightlifting