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The ‘Weightlifting Instructor’ Online Course is a first level course that prepares the learner to manage the floor of the gym, supervise the training of athletes in the sport of Weightlifting and provide basic instruction in Weightlifting technique.

It is NOT the purpose of this course to provide the participant with an in-depth understanding of Weightlifting technique however that is a major component of the next level course – Beginning Coach Course.

Prerequisites and Co-requisites

There is no prerequisite requirement to this course but ideally the candidate is involved in the practical instruction of clients to fulfil the assessment requirements of this course.

Course Structure

The course has four modules:

  1. Engaging with the client
  2. Safety in the Gym
  3. Instructing the Client
  4. The Practicum

You must complete the first 3 modules in sequence but you may commence the Practicum after completing modules (1) and (2).

The first 3 modules are divided into lessons which must also be taken in order. Each lesson will have an assessment task at the end and mostly these assessment tasks are a simple short-essay question requiring you to write 100-200 words and upload to this website using the facility provided.

The Practicum

Module 4 is the Practicum – the practical component of the course. You will be required to complete a journal of your involvement as an candidate for Instructor and this journal must show you have accumulated 30 hours of practical involvement. The Practicum module will provide more details of how you can be practically involved but you should know now that this involvement includes:

  • Observation of a coach in action (taking notes for writing later in your journal) and
  • Providing instruction to clients under supervision.

Assignment Tasks

The assignment tasks are short essay questions requiring 100-200 words. You will see a downloadable Assessment Task Sheet at the end of each lesson.

Grading of each assignment task will be by course developer and leader, Leo Isaac. You will be able to immediately proceed to the next lesson after uploading your assignment task.

You will receive feedback on your assignment task within 1-3 days.

Completion of the Course

To pass through the course you must complete all modules in sequence and then the Practicum.

You will receive a printed certificate upon completion of all modules of the course. The certificate will detail the 4 modules of course that you have completed

Not an Accreditation Course

It is important that you are aware that passing this “Weightlifting Instructor” course does not give you a formal accreditation with any sport body. The objective of this online course is purely to provide an opportunity for additional learning for those who are intending to fulfil the roles and responsibilities of an instructor in Olympic Weightlifting.

Next Level Course

If you wish to go further, you can take the “Beginning Weightlifting Coach” course on this website after you have completed the “Weightlifting Instructor” course. The Beginning Weightlifting Coach course will more specifically deal with the nature of Weightlifting technique, the design of training sessions and the skills and abilities required to be a coach. The course will be much more in depth, requires a Practicum of 100 hours and is presently under construction.

In some situations, you may be able to use the knowledge and experience you have gained via this course to claim recognition of prior learning when undertaking an accreditation course with a sport body.

Course Enrolment

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