Exercises and Skill Drills

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This online course provides video, auditory and textual explanations including key coaching points and technique issues for the following exercises and skill drills:

Overhead SquatPower Clean from Mid -ThighFront Squat (Partial Depth)
Snatch BalancePower Clean and Front SquatBack Squat (Partial Depth
Snatch with No PullPower Clean and Jumping PullGood Mornings
Power Snatch from Mid-ThighClean Pull Mid-RangeOne-Legged Deadlifts
Power Snatch from KneeClean Pull, Ground to KneeRomanian Deadlifts
Power Snatch From Knee and Overhead SquatsClean with No PullSeated Dumbbell Press
Snatch Pull, Slow Start and Rapid FinishClean Pull Deficit
Snatch Pull, Slow Lower and TouchClean Pull from Knee
Snatch Pull DeficitClean Pull, 3-Position Pause
Snatch Pull, Ground to Knee
Jumping Snatch Pull
Snatch Pull to Transverse Bar

Here is a sample video:

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