Levels of Athlete Commitment in Olympic Weightlifting

Probably every athlete starts out with very little idea of what it takes to be successful in a sport and to a large extent it is the responsibility of coaches to drip feed this knowledge when opportunities present.

Where are you in this athlete commitment structure?

The Level 1 Olympic Weightlifting Athlete

  • Finds interest in the sport of Olympic Weightlifting and generally responds well to being coached
  • Attendance at training is not regular and suffers too frequently from life events and other motivations
  • Purpose of training is not Olympic Weightlifting specific, i.e. engages in Olympic Weightlifting to make progress in another sport
  • Does not have a plan for participating in Olympic Weightlifting competitions through the year
  • Has difficulty completing their Olympic Weightlifting training program due to lack of productivity or lack of attendance
  • Not yet keeping a Olympic Training log or possessing any records of personal bests
  • Is not aware of the need to support other Olympic Weightlifting Club Athletes or help out at Olympic Weightlifting competitions
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